Civil Design

ACG provides civil design services for commercial, industrial, educational, and
residential clients. Our engineers have experience in the following areas:

  • Storm Water Design
  • Water/ Waste Water Design
  • Minor Roadway & Sidewalk Design
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • Detention Pond Design

ACG will provide the following scopes of services:

  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that evaluates the feasibility of the projects
    with regards to site conditions, existing utilities, anticipated challenges, and cost
  • Design & Construction Documents which includes construction drawings and
    specifications, permits from public and private agencies.
  • Perform construction phase services including submittal and shop drawing review,
    RFI review, progress meetings, site visits and as-built drawings.

Civil Design

New Structural Design (Commercial & Residential)

Structural Failure Analysis

Structural Capacity Analysis / Reinforcement

Property Condition Assessments

Construction Management / Inspections
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